Make your jewellery sparkle again

My cleaning services will keep your favourite pieces looking their best. Having them professionally cleaned is the ideal way to keep them pristine and have them checked for any damage that’s easy to miss to the untrained eye. 

Treat yourself to an early Spring Clean and bring the sparkle back to all of your jewellery, whether you need it cleaning, polishing or re-plating.

Services Offered

Basic cleaning £120 for consultation and basic clean and appraisal for signs of wear and tear, with recommendations for any essential repairs required before problems develop. 

Plating if your white gold has discoloured over time, rhodium plating will restore its elegance, shine and sparkle. Prices vary.

Pearl restringing pearls should be re-strung once the silk is either pulling or discoloured. A 16” knotted row is now £42 inc vat. Longer rows will be charged accordingly.

Stone polishing over time, stones can get dull and scratched. We can bring them back to life with a little judicious polishing, to restore their original colour and sparkle!

Ring sizing any ring can be re-sized larger or smaller, to fit your ring finger perfectly. Prices vary.



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